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The Can Can Dance program offers training in contemporary dance by instructors who work, live and teach all over North America. For more training in modern dance, go to the Can Can Dance Academy website.

How long has the Can Can Dance program been in operation?

The Can Can Dance program began in 1973 and has expanded yearly since then, continuing in 2016, growing from approximately 120 participants to about 600.

Do I need a dance lesson?

Yes, the Can Can and Pancho Can Dance program welcomes anyone who wants to learn modern and contemporary dance – but no specific age group is required. Everyone has the opportunity to explore modern dances through the Can Can and Pancho Can programs.

Can Can and Pancho Can dance instructors teach in a variety of settings, including: high school dance, community dance, private dance studio, social dance, university dance, and professional dance studios.

What is the difference between Can Can and Pancho Can and Can Can and Can Can Dance?

Can Can dance instructors provide their students with a range of advanced and beginner training – to ensure each student has a personalized program. Learn about the evolution of Can Can dance and learn how to get free dance lessons from your Can Can/Pancho Can dance instructor with the Can Can/Pancho Can Dance FAQs.

Who are my Can Can and Pancho Can dance instructors?

Can Can and Pancho Can dance instructors are the leading experts in modern dance, using progressive and expressive steps. Through an eclectic mix of styles and experiences, all classes include both modern and traditional dance elements, including:

Cultural and historical dance performances

Mixed dance lessons

Cultural dance workshops

In-house classes

How much do I pay per class?

Your Can Can or Pancho Can dance instructor will tell you where you can practice your skills and where to find more advanced classes.

How much does it cost to enroll?

The cost of Can Can or Pancho Can education is free. The price includes classes, materials, lesson plans, and instructional materials.

How many hours do I need to prepare for each program?

The requirements depend on your experience level and experience learning advanced forms of dance; for an individual who has trained other forms of dance, up to four hours of training per curriculum or two hours for two programs.

What will happen while I’m in the classroom?

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