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In addition to featuring his first-ever performance at a large club, the band is also getting a few accolades for their live show. A recent documentary entitled “The Sound of Love” will be screened at the festival next May. The film features recordings of Can’s concert of Can’s 1983 “The Dreaming is Only Just Beginning.” The recording was produced with the help of a small, independent label that played a major part in making Can a success. Can was also featured in the film “Torn Between Light and Shadows” by David Byrne, an audio essay from a series of stories that Byrne was writing.

Can hasn’t been performing live in a long time, but the band has played a few gigs and continues to make a few appearances. Can released a record “Forced to Be” in February, and will be playing a new set at the 2015 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Saturday June 6th. They’ve also added several headliners to their summer tour, including John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose, R.e.m., Pearl Jam and The Killers.

Can has also released a self-help book entitled “The Art of the Possible: How to Live Happily for Almost Any Occasion.” He’s performed at many festivals including Glastonbury, Bonnaroo, and Bonniversary. Can was also part of the lineup for the 2014 Reading Festival in the UK and last year’s Glastonbury Festival in Hyde Park. He has also been a featured artist on the soundtrack of the first live action film, “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” by the indie-rock band The War On Drugs.
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The band is currently working on a new album entitled “Someday‚Ķ” This album was recently recorded at their studios in Boston and was put out in the fall of 2013. Can released a short, independent video to promote the album.

“The Dreaming In Just Beginning” is available now for streaming.

Source: The Sound of Love “The Song That Changed My Life”

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