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I don’t have many answers for you… but let me try my best to cover some ground.
I have a number of theories about the relationship between dancers and the dancers they work with. The first is that dancers are like anyone else in that they get what makes them comfortable at the time and work in that environment well. The second is that dancers just naturally have a great ability to relate to one another on a personal level. Both of these make sense. However, I’ve never been on a dance group with a bunch of very demanding and demanding “dancers”. Some of us are just better at dealing with it all together than others, so it is easy for us to just turn a blind eye, which often results in dancing in a really bad way with no end in sight.
As the following are a few of my own thoughts, each has its own merits and challenges.

Dancers are much more comfortable around “people” than in groups that may seem intimidating, but in reality are nothing more than a group of people that are getting a thrill out of working together. In my experience, there is a certain “safe” place for everyone, regardless of whether they are performers or otherwise, as long as they seem respectful. I understand that some dancers do not like having “people looking over them”, but I would suggest to those dancers that they not be too hard on themselves. This is a personal attitude to take into the work, but one that does not require anyone not to get over themselves when they do not. You do not need to “be nice” to a new dancer.
Dancers are comfortable with their own bodies.
I am a female dancer, so to be honest, I have no idea what “women” are like. However, I really believe that a strong body is a very powerful thing. A dancer can feel their body all around them in all kinds of situations, and as a result feel confident without being overly stressed or over-zealous. I am aware of the fact that I am a female dancer, but have found that I am able to hold myself steady without any problems. This does not mean I am a perfect dancer, in fact the opposite is true. However, I believe that a strong body is a natural byproduct and an important aspect of a dance that should be taught to all dancers at some point. Dancers, as a whole, are just as capable of putting themselves out there as anyone else. I would like to state this in the most positive light though, rather

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