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Can I skirt for my boys?

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I was asked this question after reading a New York Times headline with the question: Can girls skirt? I have heard stories that boys may not like a female wearing a skirt in public. I think some girls may not care as much as they think that some boys do but I know many girls who think that the answer to the question is yes and think girls are allowed to wear skirts. And my boys don’t think that way either!

Can’t you just wear a skirt with leggings?

So now you have these rules that are on your bookshelves, ready to go into your classroom. And the “rules” are a little confusing because they are sometimes contradictory but, more than anything else, they are consistent. For girls who wear skirts and are wondering if they can skirt for boys, the answer is no. Although I did hear of some girls who were told to put leggings on so they could skirt their boys if they are wearing pants. This makes perfect sense since they want to dress like a woman so when they don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts on the court you are more able to understand.

So if you see a girl wearing leggings on the court and her pants are down, this definitely doesn’t mean she is going to the gym to work out, because that has nothing to do with skirts and everything to do with athletic shoes. Let me put it to you this way: You don’t want to look like that girl who had to go to the gym in flip flops, so why would you let someone else who only likes to wear leggings get to work out in flip flops? Or do you mean that girl who was always in flip flops because she has one shoe out and the other shoe in the “flippy” part of her socks?

So just because it is possible that girls and boys can skirt, does that mean that girls can wear skirts and get away with it? No! The answer is no because skirts, just like leggings, are considered fashion accessories.

What’s wrong with these rules? Let’s be honest. No one wants to see a little boy in a skirt, but let’s be honest: most of the people who wear the dress are not male. Most likely the person wearing the dress is young, possibly a classmate, and has no idea what she is doing. She is dressed with the assumption that it is appropriate attire. She also has the assumption

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