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We’ve already heard you loud and clear, and we now have another amazing case to prove it – this time we’re talking about Dr. Gwyneth “Pokey” Jones, the woman who lost 20lbs by dancing.

The dance moves are not just for belly dancers – Dr. Gwyneth has even used them to lose weight in the gym!

“I danced with my husband on the beach, my daughter was dancing at the mall and I was wearing a bikini for Halloween so you will think I’m fidgety… but it really is hard to lose body fat when you are going to a party at a friend’s house,” the dancer, who is in her sixties, told Dr.

“I started to sweat. My arms and legs became so tight it was unbelievable,” she said. “You can see in a moment in their next video that I was going to give in. I knew this was my life. I knew I just couldn’t keep going.”

After about three weeks of exercise, Dr. Gwyneth’s blood tests revealed she had lost a total of 14lbs, which included the 10lbs lost in the abdominal muscles. She is now weighing only 70lbs.

“I started the dance program and it felt like heaven the first time. I loved feeling the confidence and power in my arms, in my waist and in my legs. I loved the feeling of confidence. And I loved the feeling in my belly and just wanting to look good in front of my family and friends,” she said.

Dr. Gwyneth told Yahoo Health she has danced with everyone in the same way: “Everyone danced in front of me. I also danced with a partner at a birthday club and a group at a local gym.”

Her friend had been dancing with her to the tune of “Won’t Somebody Help Me?”

“He said, ‘Pokey, it’s not going to work,’ and I said, ‘No, it worked. It just didn’t work for me,'” Dr. Gwyneth explained. “I’m a very outgoing person myself (I have a boyfriend, who supports me in all my endeavors, and who’s been a big inspiration for me in my work), so I had to admit to myself I just needed a little practice. And dancing really gave me that confidence.”

The dance program has given her new-found confidence after a year of struggling. “I didn

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