Do you have to be skinny to belly dance? – Belly Dancing Lessons Denver

Bobby: Yes I always try and be very skinny, but that’s just something that I like to do — it always works!

Did you always like to practice belly dancing?

Bobby: Yes, I was always very small in my infancy until I went to the gym to be thin. And I was always really thin!

What made you go to the gym?

Bobby: A friend was teaching me how to do belly dance at a local dance studio. So I just went there to learn how to do it, but then I ended up being a belly dancer for a little while. And also as a boy I did the belly dance at some of the little places I was hanging out at growing up, including the one I went to when I was 12 years old.

Did anyone ever tell you that dancing was too weird for you?

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Bobby: No I wasn’t, I had grown up playing sports with my brothers and sisters — ballet, tennis, football — and had a lot of fun doing dance around our town. I was always the one who was dancing around, so people assumed I was good!

Did your grandma ever look at you like you might be fat?

Bobby: Yeah her parents always made fun of me and made fun of my weight.

Did her parents ever tell you that dancing was so bad for girls?

Bobby: I was never told that at all.

Wasn’t doing belly dancing considered too old for your daughter?

Bobby: Not really at all. My daughter was 6 during all of my weight-loss, and she was into ballet — which was a big part of her childhood.

Did you get into any weight-loss contests during your teens?

Bobby: Oh yes, I was always a huge competitor in dance. I never really had weight concerns but I always liked the competition aspect. Plus it was fun and made me feel young again.

Were you one of the last fat kids in class?

Bobby: No, a few of my classmates did weigh more than me, but none of them really lost much weight — like I was so skinny, there was some of that stigma from other kids.

Did other kids bully you because of your weight?

Bobby: I knew a girl who had gone to college for several years in Minnesota who was much thinner than me but still had friends who made fun of

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