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It sure does in many ways. For the past 10 years, Michael J. Friesen has been an editor-in-chief for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. He teaches at the University of New England and also offers a nutrition consulting firm, which is called Nourish and has been listed by Fast Company as one of the top 25 best nutrition training companies in the world. It seems fitting that Michael’s research also includes the subject of dance, the subject of this review. What I saw, in his opinion, was a wonderful opportunity for the field to learn from the world’s best, both as educators and dancers. Michael spoke with me over the phone about dancing as a workout, dancing fitness classes, and where we should focus our efforts. Michael, welcome to the show.

Michael J. Friesen: Thank you, David!

David: Why are you so enthusiastic about dance as a workout? And then, why do you feel that you’ve gotten these interesting results?

MJ: Well, I think, for one thing, that it has to do with the idea that I’ve kind of developed since I finished my Ph.D. program, as I look back, it must be the same thing, I mean I’m like, in the end, I had three goals that I wanted to achieve. I didn’t want to see you alive, I didn’t want to see you in the best shape of your life, and I didn’t want to get your number on the bell, so you know. I thought that was the three things that I had to keep in mind. And so when you’re in that process that’s trying to accomplish those three goals, your training is going to be the critical factor, which is, when you’re doing your conditioning, you have three training tasks that you have to get accomplished in your life and your training will be the thing that sets up that. So in my teaching I will emphasize both the conditioning as well as, when you’re at training, working the dance movement with the dancers. And as you say, that’s a very interesting aspect of this study. If you’re a dance performer and you’ve spent a lot of time training in your own body, you know, you’ve got a lot of muscles that are in a very good shape. When you’re really in the same training as the group and the people that are performing, they have more than just a lot of muscle. They have lots of fat. So the muscles must

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