Does dancing count as a workout? – Tribal Belly Dancing Near Me

“Absolutely,” said Lissett. “You have to get into the mind set that if you’re a dancer, you should have a workout. You shouldn’t be afraid of it.”

Dance isn’t an exercise, but it plays a role as a tool in weight-training programs. In a recent review of the scientific literature, researchers showed that most dancers did aerobic activities of some sort on a regular basis.

“The exercise may increase metabolism and release a variety of hormones, including serotonin,” said Dr. Peter Weishampel, chairman of the Department of Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Toronto. “It may cause an increase in the activity of skeletal muscle and provide a boost to cardiovascular endurance.”

Dr. David Cram, the founder of the dance program The Litz Group, calls dancing a “social activity” — which means you’re out there in an atmosphere of people who really are interested in the experience of dancing, rather than someone who enjoys a good workout. People who have to keep up with such a rigorous workout get bored and frustrated, and they want the activity removed.

Dr. Cram said that people who are serious about dancing — who perform regularly in clubs or at professional events — have the mental strength to be able to move through such training without being bored, or even getting a bit sore.

“People have the ability to overcome the stress associated with a regular workout, to move through the routine with minimal effort,” said Cram with a chuckle.

So even if dance isn’t one of your favorite things to do in the gym, it probably is an effective tool for improving your health and fitness.

“People who are serious about fitness can do what [dance] has to offer,” said Dr. Weishampel.

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