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The answer here is a resounding NO. While some have interpreted the story to say that women are allowed to dance in mosques, this is not the case. Muslims do not allow dancing in any aspect of their religion.

The story has been misinterpreted to portray certain scenes, such as dancing, as being part of the Islamic ritual of salat al-awwal (salvation) and the salat al-dhikr (obligation for prayer).

The actual story is far from being a story on the dancing of women, as women cannot even join the salat al-awwal in their own mosques, for fear they might be subject to flogging or some other form of punishment.

In fact, a study by the United Nations has shown that Muslims are considerably less likely to attend salat al-awwal than any other religious sect, including Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Druze.

As many have also pointed out, the story is actually not quite clear:

So there’s no dancing! — Shiaa Hussain (@ShiaaHussain) January 10, 2017

The whole story is quite possibly a very early example of cultural stereotypes and the portrayal of women as being less than human.

The story was written down several generations earlier and was never expanded upon with the modern retelling that was popular in the 19th century.

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