Does Sharia law allow dancing? – Belly Dance Drawing

In the light of the Quran, which clearly says Allah will judge on a person’s merits by the weight of the deeds his/her actions will result in the punishment the person will receive. Therefore, all who dance are wrongdoers! The verse says, ‘and whoever does any of the deeds forbidden or whatever is evil in the sight of God will not have any share from the Hereafter, save that which he expended for sin, nor will there be any reward from his Lord; for God is All-Knowing, All-Wise.’ . . .”

[Muhammad Asad]

Islamic Law in Islam and the United States:

It is illegal to use the term “Islam” in reference to Muslims. For example, when a Muslim, an Israeli, or an atheist attempts to use the word “Islam” to describe themselves, we call them “jihadists” or “terrorist sympathizers”. When an American tries to use that term as well, we refer to them by an even more inappropriate name that does little to help the conversation: “white supremacist”.

The Islamic Law of the Quran prohibits the mixing of faiths. Muslims may not be forced to be baptized or to convert to another religion. The Quran provides specific provisions as to the kinds of people who may not be Muslims or who may not be accepted as Muslims.

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The Quran instructs Muslims to not wear clothes based on the clothing of other peoples. “Believers never wear anything not clearly approved for themselves, nor shall they associate with non-believers those who are disobeying God in their religion.”

For example, the Quran describes a person who is not an adherent of Islam who is “unclean” who defiles Allah’s creation. Such a person may not marry women and may never live in a house other than his home.

Sharia does not condone slavery in any form. The word “slave” derives from the Arabic word for man-made man, and “Slavery” originates from the Arabic word that means “to oppress, subjugate and plunder another man”.

The Quran prohibits the use of the name of God except as the name of God’s messenger and to denote the right of His servants to follow those whom the messenger has sent. Thus, the name of God cannot be used to identify the Prophet Muhammad, although they were both sons of Muhammad.

The Quran commands the Muslim to respect all religions, including non-Muslim religions. “And let not those who

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