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What was your reaction when you learned Sharia law allows for the dancing of a Muslim or female?

Are Islamic schools allowed to allow dances?

Do Sharia courts have the right to decide in certain cases?

If so, why?

A report by the German Research Centre for GeoGenetics, a branch of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation funded by the US National Science Foundation, shows that modern humans evolved from ancient non-Africans about 2 million years ago.

Researchers from the Centre for GeoGenetics have used genomic data obtained from thousands of ancient skeletons to show that modern humans are part of the same family tree as Neanderthals, and may even represent an ‘Ancient Human’, a distinct group that existed for more than 400,000 years before modern humans began to appear.

Human evolution is thought to have happened over the last 100,000 years and the ‘modern human’ lineage was a genetically distinct lineage from ancient Homo sapiens – the name often given to early humans.

“We have a very powerful tool for testing the dating of our origin,” said lead researcher Christoph Günther, Professor of Biodiversity and Paleoanthropology at the University of Münster to the BBC.

“If ancient people shared a common ancestor with modern humans, it means that modern humans evolved from them. This is a major problem – a major problem that is not seen in other species.”

A group of researchers from the University of Munich and the Swiss National Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) used the Human Genome Reference Consortium (HGRC) genome database to analyse DNA extracted from skeletal remains from around the world which had been preserved in soil, but not from those excavated from sites such as Stonehenge or the caves of the Altai Mountains.

The researchers then compared these ancient DNA samples to modern genomes to find the dates that modern humans have evolved from each other.

They found that modern humans may be part of a ‘divergent human lineage’ – that is, a lineage which diverged approximately 2 million years ago from the ancestor of modern humans, Neanderthals.

Researchers are now looking at what this means for understanding modern human evolution.

The report, released as part of a special ‘World Archaeological Congress’ taking place in the UK this week, can be viewed on the BBC News website.

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