How can I learn dance at home? – Ghawazee

For the first year you get everything through the Internet, but after a while you start getting DVDs and CDs.

You can go to most dance classes online — from private classes to corporate dance camps — but for a few bucks at the start, you can do a bit of dance therapy to really get the groove down. Some places — especially in San Francisco and other Bay Area cities — are so great that you don’t need to sign up for classes if you can pay for some online support — though the classes tend to be a bit pricey and not very fun.

I would recommend a couple of places:

In California, you could try Dancing in the Park at Lake Tahoe, a dance camp with a mix of private and public classes. Some people say they don’t recommend it because it’s too much of a choreographed dance camp with lots of people, but I really believe the classes are worth it. It’s not cheap — $35-$50 for two weeks, but they say it’s worth it in the end. You can also find online lessons for a handful of dance styles here.

In the Bay Area, I love FIT Dance Camp: a dance camp that meets weekly at the Alamo Drafthouse — a downtown Los Angeles institution. There’s no cost, but you are required to sign up prior to coming in. The FIT teachers are all really fantastic, and they also have a big open space where everybody can dance together — you can find the program on their website. You can find the classes here and they come for two to four weeks, so you can definitely find a class for you to work on a particular dance style.

In Washington, D.C., I love the Boulders Dance Company, where you can spend all of your time with the best, friendly instructors. When a class is a small group, it’s really helpful to connect with other people (like the dancers in the studio) before you sit down and start dancing with everyone. You can also look for some classes at The Improv at Farragut, where you can catch performances by the dancers before your class. You can also try DanceWorks at the National Museum of Dance in the East Room of the White House.

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What are a few resources I want to suggest? For those who aren’t dancers (or who just want a place to learn from experts), the following sources were helpful for me while researching the dance scene in Seattle and looking for a place to stay at before I

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