How can I lose my belly fat super fast? – Belly Dancing Lessons For Beginners

Here are the two best diets for losing belly fat fast for women:

The 1,500 calorie diet

The 4,800 calorie diet

This is a great diet for people who love food but hate the feeling of being full from time to time. It’s based on whole foods and includes plenty of vegetables, protein, low calories and alcohol (don’t get it stoned!).

Here are its great points:

You cannot lose belly fat on a low calorie diet since your body is not used to being full from time to time.

Since its so much healthier than lots of other diets, it is especially good for women who are overweight.

The diet is low fat and contains good healthy fats like fatty meats such as chicken, bacon.

The fat you are eating is not from processed or hydrogenated foods but is from good sources.

Many of the foods are low in calories and you can eat a lot of them. The main exception is cheese which should be avoided.

It’s more or less a natural bodybuilding diet since it is built after long rest. You may even feel a little tired.

What are the key ingredients in it?

It is not like any other diet I know:

no processed or frozen stuff.

no artificial colouring.

no artificial food colours.

no alcohol.

no gluten.

no sugar.

no sugar, flour, salt and spice

no soy lecithin.

no dairy.

its all natural, low calorie and low fat but not high carb.

You also gain weight fast and need to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

The only foods you can eat are those listed with an asterisk next to them (like broccoli, strawberries and bananas) in the recipe.


Do not cut the vegetables in the middle

Do not substitute in any other food.

Be cautious not to exceed 1,500 calories per day.

The 1,500 calorie diet is especially good for women who are already overweight.

How does the diet work?

Your main focus should be on eating small portions of fruits and vegetables. The reason being:

this is the best way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs .

. This diet is low fat and contains good healthy fats like fat-free milk and coconut oil.

of fat-

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