How do I learn a dance routine? – Belly Dance Style Face Mask

Take a few steps at a time. Then, start practicing the dance routine when you can start moving on your own. By the time your first step is ready, you may be moving on your own and don’t need to work as hard as before.

My dancer partner does a different routine than I do. What do I do?

You won’t have any trouble learning the first two steps, but it’s important to practice them on a variety of movements. First, start by choosing a movement you are comfortable playing with your body and a movement you really like.

Next, work up to playing the move. As an example, I have a good connection in front of my mouth (see picture), and I’m a bit more flexible in my hips and thighs, so I chose to play forward on my back and in front of my chest. After the first couple of moves, you can try playing in reverse the movement you were just practicing. Don’t try to force it. Just focus on how you play the movement.

Finally, if the move you are trying to play isn’t easy to play, you can add variety by playing a different move in different positions. For example, if your partner’s footwork works, you could play with a bit of an open heel, or even with a bit of a heel and a bit of a toe-off.

I am a student. How much time does it take to learn a new song?

In a couple of months, most learning will be done automatically.

After you have learned a few steps, practice the basic form and see how much faster you can get. The rhythm will probably take longer to come together, but once you start moving on your own, you won’t have any trouble playing and doing a bunch of different dances at the same time.

What if I have a problem?

You may need to make changes to the routine and/or take shorter steps. Also, you may need to use a different type of dance or a different tempo.

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I have a question

Try asking your teacher or some of our online dance-class hosts. We respond to email requests quickly.

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