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The quickest way to begin dancing as a salsa player is by looking at the repertoire of the groups you are interested in. The salsa dance schools you can find online are not the only ones to offer these dance programs. Many of the salsa dance schools include their salsa classes online as part of the full-service dance schools. Many of these dance schools also offer salsa dancing as a class, though this is not necessary. Many clubs will also organize monthly or other events to help salsa players get together.

The National Association of Dance Schools (NASD) has a great salsa page with great links to dancing schools. They have a database of thousands of clubs. They have a directory of dances and of singers to look for as well as a few other listings. You can do a lot of research and have a great starting point before you even arrive at your dance school.

You can also look at the Dance Classes page ( to find many dance classes. Many are online and you can start a dance class if you have a dance partner who would like to learn to dance as well as you, just by searching for a dance you are interested in.

You can do your research in other ways, too. Check out the Internet archives! There is plenty of information in there of groups, performers and dance techniques. You can get very specific as well as general information and learn about the history of dance in the Southwest and learn about some of the popular styles of salsa dancing. There are also some dance clubs here in America of interest and a lot of dancers in the Southwest who dance together or even in the style you want to learn will be willing to teach you.

It is also a good idea to call and see if there is a salsa troupe you might want to start with. Salsa dancing is definitely a social activity that will bring people and their friends together through dances. It can be very fun and enjoyable to learn from a group that includes dancers that are from such diverse backgrounds and you can get to know others. Sometimes it is nice to just enjoy the dancing.

Who Can I Ask How I Can Get Started?

There is no better place for starting a dance as a salsa dancer than the organizations in your area. Ask the salsa dancers at your local dance school or at the salsa club near you and they should be able to point you in the right direction. You should make sure you ask at your dance club as

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