How do you do a two step? – Belly Dance Drawing

Well first, you start off with an internal “first step”. That’s what it starts with. It’s going to have to be external. Let me try to walk you through that process. You know, there are so many different ways people approach a game and a game has a lot of different parts. I like to start off and start with an internal first step because if we start off with a lot of things, and we start with a lot of things that don’t really fit, we end up with a lot of things. I try to get into something as soon as possible. There’s a lot of good information out there online and that’s why it doesn’t have to be that huge of a deal. People do it a different way; I don’t think you need to change anything.

The game you talk about might be more like Chess?

Yeah, well the game itself is going to look more like chess, but the same basic concepts. I’m going to do some quick calculations and say I just can’t win. It would probably be a fair argument to say that Chess is very good at the psychological end of the game, how we think. We are very good at analyzing games mentally. Chess’s a very good example of this. When you are in Chess, there are these rules, and they come out of a system. It’s a lot like a chess system with these rules in different places. There are a lot of different types of pieces and you don’t look at it from a physical view. It looks like a system of pieces, and everything looks like the system, the white pieces, the black pieces and those sorts of things. When you go out and play real chess, you have to get to those ideas as soon as possible because when your brain gets in the game, you just can’t ignore those things. They’re constantly happening to you. What is chess doing in your brain when you’re trying to play chess? This is why there’s such a good correlation between intelligence and chess. You don’t have to really understand all those things, but the better you understand something, the better you understand the game.

There’s also a lot of information that’s just not available in the game.

Well, that’s right. There’s a lot of information that’s out there and when you start learning your brain starts figuring all this stuff out. It’s very intuitively, and then when you’re playing games in real life, there are this few things

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