How do you do a two step? – Belly Dancing Lessons Nashville

Well, I’ll tell you. I’ll take a half step and then a full step. I’ll take a quarter step then take you a full step. I’ll take a quarter step and I’ll bring you right back.”

This will make you look very innocent because you’re really only playing in one place, that one place being a video game. What does “half step” mean? Well, I’ll leave that up to you to figure out. It means, “I can’t take you half the way”.

Step 3: Take a Quarter Step

So, you’ve got your hand and your arm stretched over the top of your head while you do the Half Step, and now you’re back in the first position from where you were in Step 2. This brings you to a position like this:

Your body should be at a level where your hands don’t actually touch the screen. I’m sure you can feel the pressure through your fingertips as we move in closer and closer to this point.

Step 4: Take Half a Step…

Ok, so now we’re at the very top. Your left foot is still at where we began… and your right foot is still at the top of the screen… but your right hand is over the top where we started. Take a quarter step in front of your right leg at a 45 degree angle forward. There you have it, a semi-circle. Now what happens when you step to the side? Well, it brings you a little bit to the side in terms of how wide your arc is. But take it slow and steady, though. The more you can lean out, the more you’ll come down and away from the edge.

Step 5: Take a Full Step.

And we’re here. Now you step to the side and your arc has become wider. Take a full step into your left leg and your arc reaches a wider angle. Now, take a quarter step back into your right leg and your arc becomes wider again. The more you lean into your arc, the deeper you get. Try to keep it close to a full step at first. Once you start to lean away from your arc, you’ll start to lean toward the edge.

Step 7: Get Down on the Game

Step 7 was where it was all going to start going. You’d get down on the game, get your hands on some targets, take half a step out to the side and finally take a quarter

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