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Do you just jump straight down and grab the floor or do you move your hips back and forward and keep them moving in the correct direction?

The main reason you’re not working on your technique is because you haven’t done a long warm-up. You didn’t work on your technique on your way to the gym on this day.

Instead, it’s because you’ve been training for a while that you can’t get ready for those sessions of the day that might require some hip flexibility. You’ve spent more time stretching and stabilizing than you could possibly be comfortable with.

How do you fix this?

Here’s what I would do in my own home – I would get back in a squat rack while watching our two week long squat challenge. I would then follow up with a few sets of a front squat so that I’m still working my hips and legs, but have also made the process of getting my hips and legs ready for those heavier sets of squats easier.

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I also suggest a more extensive warm-up of things like a good form deadlift or push press, as this goes along with the warm-up and gets your body working really hard.

What about the front squat?

Many of the articles you’ve read about how your knees are going to buckle and bend over if you squat (which is the case in the video below) have come from my book Squat: The 5 Most Accurate Exercises for Building Power, Strength & Dominance

In that book, I include a short but very effective squat method that I call “Front Squat Grip.”

In the front squat, you have this “palm out” position that basically stretches and stabilizes your core.

Then you do a set of five to ten reps of front squats, depending on which part of your body you have to work.

You end the set by standing with your legs straight and a full bend in your elbows.

If that sounds like “front squat,” you’re correct, but I would say go and try it yourself. It’s super effective and it doesn’t require some crazy amount of weight. (And if you watch that video of the Deadlift competition I made, you’ll see that all my lifts would fail in two or three reps.)

Here’s what that front squat grip would look like:

Here’s the rest of the front squat method, which I believe you should now be familiar with:

Front Squ

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