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If you want to do a double-leg or side-lying leg curl, the best way is to sit in a chair facing the wall with your legs slightly extended and your hands just touching the floor.

Your body must be rigid and your hips must be aligned correctly, so the bar moves with your weight. You can do a side-lying dumbbell curl with a partner or take advantage of the stretch the exercise provides by keeping one leg on the floor.

Here’s a good exercise for learning how to do a rear-foot raise: Stand at a 45-degree angle in the middle of the floor with your rear foot facing down. You’ll want to place the weight of your foot in the space in front of you, between your knees. Slowly, with each heel rise, lift the rear end of your foot toward your chest.

Now repeat: Raise your rear foot toward the ceiling and lower your back to the beginning position, keeping the weight of your foot forward.

Your butt’s at a 45-degree angle, which is similar to a hip-hinge, but your hip bones will point toward your shoulder, instead of outward from your body. That means the bar path is slightly behind your head. Don’t worry if the bar seems to move a little behind your body. When lifting a heavy weight as a beginner, the closer the bar is to your body, the heavier the weight you’ll be lifting.

The second exercise described here is a side-lying leg curl. Start in one position and curl your legs back toward each other, keeping the lower parts of your legs close together. When you reach the desired leg curl position, curl your thigh or shin out toward the ceiling. If your legs are just a little out, they’re not quite close enough to be a side-lying leg curl.

If your legs are a little farther apart, you’ll have trouble bending both your buttocks or lifting your thighs with the right foot. You can try it to get used to side-lying leg curls.

Here’s a great exercise for strengthening your glutes: Stand on the balls of your feet with your arms fully extended, palms down. Put your glutes behind your head with your forearms straight, as if you’re about to lift the toes of one foot off the ground — but don’t do so yet. Keeping your core engaged, start by bending your lower back.

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Now put your hands in front of you at your sides, but don’t lock your

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