How do you pop and lock your hips? – Belly Dancing Lessons Indianapolis

A. I move the bar up and down on the pecs. With my arms in the front way to go over the back, the bar is resting on the pecs and pushing them against the shoulder blades. It’s a very good exercise for the glutes and you can get them to become stronger with a solid base. In the bottom position, I start the bar off the side, and it does get pretty low. I start at my thighs and work my way over. It takes a lot of strength to put the bar back there without having to move the body. I would say about an inch and a half of the bar goes down there. Sometimes when I lock and pop, you can also get a little bit below there or even lower.

Q. So the bar doesn’t come all the way down?

A. Sure. But, with my style of training, I start with the back and work my way back up. I keep the legs locked from the start without using anything else. Just the straight leg lifts. That is more important than the back.

Q. What are your favorite ways to train?

A. I’m a pretty big fan of the hang clean. You can get really good use when you can do three full hangs and do them properly. The power clean is a very, very good exercise when you can keep it clean and get it over the top.

Q. Are you doing them in tandem in your gym?

A. I haven’t. I’m not an enthusiastic competitor. It’s good for a lot of guys who haven’t gotten much out of their sport or not gotten much success in the sport, so you get to get in and do some good clean-ass lifts with the guys who aren’t as good as you.

Q. How do you deal with people who have an open sore on their upper back?

A. They shouldn’t do anything that tight and tight. That is too much stress on the muscles and it gets me very sore. I don’t do any pull-ups.

Q. Do you get in tight workouts?

A. Yeah. I always try to work out the last couple of hours of the day. I do a lot of work.

Q. Do you have any favorite lifts that you really like?

A. I have a very good back squat. It’s a very heavy lift, but I’m very much a back-hugger

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