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Do you really have to do it?

If you do, then I would never again use a gym. As far as strength training for me, there was no way in hell I was spending that type of money on an all-out bodybuilder routine. So I did what any decent weight lifter would. I studied basic weightlifting basics. And as good as they were for my body type, it did nothing for my performance.

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So I began to work with some people on my own, which led me to learn of bodybuilding. My body is naturally strong, but I did not want that to be my problem for as long as possible. There was something about training for bodybuilding that made me more capable.

Then I found something really cool, and that’s the idea of using the squat. Like I said, my body type is naturally low-body, with low-legs, but, like I mentioned, I did not want to be weak on my legs, and that’s why I started lifting. I was surprised to learn that I could not only lift the weights for a set or two, but I could also lock out my hips and pull the rep until the last repetition. There was no way I could have had that kind of performance if I wasn’t working on this squat squat.

After all, I was squatting 200kg. The only way to get there was by using a “special squat setup” that involved a deadlift position and a squat stance. I was completely at a loss as to how to implement this.

I had no idea what it took to get a dead-lift position that would allow me to work my hips and pull the rep up to the last repetition without falling over. I was also completely amazed at how bad my deadlift looks because I’ve never seen such a huge difference in strength in my deadlift since I’ve become a bigger lifter! It’s amazing how much better your squats are after you do the squat squat squat.

And let me quickly warn you that I can be really hard on you guys, but when you can squat and still lock out this much weight, I’m not really that hard on you.

And yet, I know that most, if not all you guys reading this probably have heard of squat-lifting in some sort of advanced form, and probably have seen it on YouTube. If you do not have it memorized, and you are at home alone, try this simple exercise.

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