How do you twerk? – Authentic Belly Dancing Outfits

It is well established today that the human tongue can be stimulated to twerk. This is referred to as vocal twitching, as these are not necessarily deliberate actions.

In a recent study, scientists have shown that the tongue can be activated by electrical stimulation to the muscles of the vocal cords, in a manner similar to that by hand or foot twerking. This research is thought to be proof that the tongue has a natural mechanism, which means that the movement of the tongue in response to a movement of the tongue is actually an adaptive function.

What can I do today to reduce stress?

Reduce stress, as this is the most harmful form of stress, especially for our physical and emotional wellbeing. Stress is one aspect of our body’s need for energy. We need to be able to maintain a healthy body temperature and our metabolism is dependent upon having an active heart and body. If this isn’t maintained in healthy condition it can lead to illnesses.

Many people need to stress themselves. It is very important that you allow time to relax before you make a decision of what you want to do (either exercise, do household chores, or enjoy a leisurely stroll). In the event of a stress trigger, such as a noise or smell of a foreign object (such as a pet or a neighbour), please call 000 immediately.

To encourage ourselves to take time out and relax we can take these simple steps:

Relaxing exercises can be done anywhere. The important thing is to practice on a good surface (such as the hardwood floor in a room you can’t go to as it may cause discomfort), using a mirror and turning your head to look at yourself, not your mirror.

Relaxing can be done in any room without getting too close to objects such as furniture or walls.

Relaxing can be anywhere you can be alone. It’s also important you use the correct technique. Be patient, let the relaxation take its course, and don’t do it constantly, you need to allow the time to pass.

Do you have a relaxing music playlist?

Have you ever had a stressful situation happen to you and felt so weak and worn out that your life wasn’t a priority anymore?

Your body should rest, it should not focus on the negative thoughts and the worries that are bothering you, this is a natural instinct and should be rewarded.

Here is an idea to have a playlist of relaxing tunes to help you unwind

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