How many calories do u burn Twerking? – Arabic Belly Dance Music Videos Alls Spotlights Outdoor

That depends on how many calories you need from the Twerking to maintain that Twerking motion. There are a variety of Twerking activities that will get you more calories out of your Twerking.

What is your biggest mistake when Twerking?

Failing to eat enough. Eating calories has been shown to increase Twerk count and endurance.

Is Twerking better than Twerking and jumping into the pool?

No. Twerking is not better than Twerking. The more you twerk, the bigger your heart rate goes.

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Is Twerking worse than Twerking and jumping into the pool?

No. Twerking is not worse than Twerking. Twerking has been shown to increase endurance and health in both cardio and weight training.

Is your Twerking a workout?

Yes. Twerking can be a workout and there are many people who use Twerking to increase their cardio abilities. We believe that Twerking is a full body practice and should be practiced in a gym, on a field, or any place where you aren’t restricted in your movements.

Are Twerking exercises easier than lifting weights for your chest muscles?

Yes. You don’t have to lift loads the same way to get that twerk up.

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