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How many calories do u burn Twerking? Twerking calories: How many calories do u burn? I think that’s it — how many calories do u burn Twerking? (No offense.)

How Many Calories Do You Burn Twerking? How many calories do you burn ? (No offense.)

When it comes to sports, few things are more divisive than the debate of where and how teams play their games. And that divide persists within the sports community as well.

A number of NFL executives have floated the idea of a new league, one that would focus on youth development and competition in more of the same way as Major League Baseball.
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The latest to make this suggestion is commissioner Roger Goodell; in an interview with Business Insider’s Matt Miller and Darren Rovell, Goodell said that “the NFL needs to evolve to become like Major League Baseball.”

“If we don’t evolve, we may lose the core of what makes our league and we might lose some of its competitive edge,” Goodell said.

With a growing concern among fans for the current state of the league, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has recently sounded the alarm about the NFL’s ability to evolve. And the commissioner has said previously that he doesn’t see an “American Football League” happening anytime soon.

While Goodell mentioned potential leagues that may develop in the future, he isn’t necessarily dismissing baseball for good.

“We do have a long-term plan to take the core of Major League Baseball and run it into the ground,” Goodell said. “We might have to do so. That’s the challenge that we have. I don’t see any sport that’s more competitive than the NFL.”

One of the most popular ways to evaluate a league is by which sport it was founded, whether it was an independent league formed in an era of baseball’s dominance or if, instead, the league’s current focus is on youth development and sports programming. And many experts believe that the NFL’s youth leagues, for example, may be in a unique position to offer an edge to more traditional youth leagues with their emphasis on playing more football and passing.

As a result, many baseball fans believe the NFL isn’t quite the right fit for baseball anymore. And while no one claims to know exactly how much money the NFL will make by selling TV rights for the ages of 14-to-18, it’s easy to see the potential for the league to take the opportunity that exists today and give more back to

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