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What do you mean by “Islamic law” is “Islamic law”? That, of course, is Islam’s official position. It is not the official position of any mosque, though.

The Prophet told us to pray in a mosque; the Prophet told us to dress modestly; the Prophet told us to pay our debts in a Muslim way.

For centuries, the great Muslim clerics have preached and taught that certain things in Islam are correct — and that others are not. And when it comes to sex, these are Muslim teachings, too.

It is important to understand exactly what Sharia does or doesn’t say about sex. Here’s an example of a common misunderstanding. Many religious Jews and Muslims think sex is just a matter of “choosing” to have sex with a person. And they say, that the Jews and Christians are wrong, because their “choosing” sex makes them evil.

I know, they don’t know about Islam, do they? And what’s worse, not only does some Jews and Christians deny that their own religious teaching is Islamically correct (though it is), but some Jews and Christians make the claim all the time that Sharia is a “religio judiciousia” that was written by their “great prophet,” Mohammed.

Islam, unlike Judaism and Christianity, was not written by Mohammed. Rather, Muslims were inspired by the message of the Quran.

In the Quran, Allah says, “And (let) those who believed say: ‘The Quran is the guidance of Allah and His messenger,’ so they are in truth from among those who have received the Scripture.” In the Quran is clear that sex is a matter about which one must not judge. You cannot judge whether something is permissible or not with sex.

But when it comes to sex, you could. And you could judge your wife’s sex. This is because God (alone!) gave men and women sex. Men and women are two genders, like God, whose genders are male and female. But how is it wrong for one gender to have sex with another? Or is it not wrong for one gender to have sex? God (the One) explains how it’s not wrong. (Here is where a common misconception arises: if man sex with woman, then it’s not rape. This isn’t true.)

The way men and women share sex is part of Allah’s revelation to the prophets of the prophets. The prophet Daniel asked about these sex acts.

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