Is belly dancing allowed in Islam? – Belly Dancing History


According to the Koran, Islam forbids the use of “abnormal” forms of sexual intercourse.



In addition, the Bible also prohibits the use of “abnormal” or “undesirable” forms of sex.

Do Islamic groups have sex slaves?


I did not come across this article but I am sure it is true…

A group of students at a school in the UK will be using a sex slave as part of their “recreational sport”.

“The idea was to have a bit of fun with it… as people usually get bored after a while… It is a lot of fun,” a senior pupil told news agency The Sun.

“At the end of the day they won’t realise they have been taken advantage of, they’ll go home and it will be the same day for them. It’s really, really funny.”


A group of students at the school, which caters mainly to pupils from deprived backgrounds, have admitted they bought a sex slave for the school’s outdoor sporting club

The women were employed for £6 at a house in Pimlico, west London where she was trained as a pole dancer.

One of the girls, now 20, said she had been held against her will, abused constantly by the leader of her master’s gang, who had threatened her with violence if she spoke to police.

The girl said she was terrified to tell her mother what had happened because her own family would be furious.

She said one of her abusers, Abdulrahman, had even warned her never to come back to London because “he will kill me.”


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