Is belly dancing allowed in Islam? – Belly Dancing History

No. There are some people who dance while eating or drink, but it is not permissible for them.

What about people who are very ill?

If they are sick, do not go to their house and tell them to dance, as it will become haram to them. It is a sin for a sick person to ask them to go and dance with him; such acts of people are considered as a violation of the rules.

If someone asks a sick person to go and dance, does this mean that they will get what he or she asked for?

Absolutely not. If a sick person asks a person to dance, that person must give him an answer within two hours, or else the sick person will become haram to him or her. If someone is sick, it is not permissible for him to go alone. If a person was ill but did not say anything, it would become ok for him to ask the person to go and dance. So if he asks you to dance with him by himself, do not go and tell him that you must come and dance with him.

What about people who have broken their legs?

It is not permissible to go to somebody’s house for healing. It is not permissible to sit at their place.

If you have made someone go to a place where he or she has broken something for healing, can you treat the leg without talking to him and asking him to dance?

It is necessary to have such a person wait outside while you are doing this; otherwise he will become haram.

I am not sure if this applies to people who have broken their heads?

It is not permissible to go to a person’s house to bring a limb that has broken; if you do so, you do not need permission from the person, as it is obligatory for him to obey you.

If a man is on his way to a dance to make some money, should he stop?

Don’t stop; even if he is going to a place where someone has broken something, we do not say, “Go and get yourself a limb.” As long as he comes with a valid excuse and he is not breaking some rules, we must not stop him. This applies also if some other people are going to the place with him.

A person must listen to an excuse; it is not possible as long as there is no harm involved. If the person gives an excuse, the dance is not

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