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A new documentary film about its history was recently released that sheds light on the history of belly dancing in America.

“Danced, Shown & Known: The History of Dancer’s Union Belly Dance” is an unscripted series on history of belly dancing and includes six episodes that tell the story of a movement that has inspired both artists and dancers with their unique dance-style.

“Dancer’s Union is a great history of dance. It was also the world’s first belly dancing school. We were the first schools to give belly dancing,” the makers, a group called “Dancer’s Union Presents,” noted in a YouTube video.

The documentary showcases different stories of belly dance, both historic and contemporary. The historical episodes explore how the dance style has changed throughout its history, while the contemporary episodes focus on the current, evolving history of this style.

During the documentary, the makers also discuss the cultural impact and diversity of American culture during the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s, from Harlem to Detroit, from San Francisco to Nashville, and even from Hawaii to the West Indies.

The documentary includes interviews with famous figures from both the dance world and the musical world, including Billie Holiday, Thelonious Monk, Pat Boone and The Bessie Smith Band, to name a few. However, there are some notable stars that only a few other documentaries have covered.
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“We want to be like ‘South Park,’ where it’s fun to see all of the characters, but there’s no context for it,” the makers said in a press release.

Watch the full documentary, below.

Dancer’s Union Presents. “Danced, Shown & Known: The History of Dancer’s Union Belly Dance”

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