Is hip hop a culture? – Shakira El Masri

There’s a lot of talk about this and a lot of debate about whether or not rap can be a culture, but let’s just agree that it’s cultural! Rap is about expression and the way a person communicates with their friends, their family, their peers. How you react and how you act and dance around the world affects you in different ways. Hip hop is a culture that people come from everywhere, it’s one of the few things that is universal enough to be celebrated.
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What other things would you say are Hip Hop Culture?

It certainly looks different from what you’d think hip hop would look like in a society like North America, but hip hop isn’t a race or a ethnicity or a geography. It’s about the expression of people. It’s about our emotions and emotions of the people that listen to it. It’s about making people laugh, make them cry, make them love, make them sad, make them feel… the world!

Hip hop was a lifestyle and a way of life for most in the ’60s/’70s, and in the ’80s it’s a way of life for many people today. There aren’t many people of color in hip hop and hip hop culture. In addition to being influenced by other cultures, there is an inherent difference in how people are culturally exposed through an album’s contents — hiphop culture differs from traditional hip hop culture.

How do you think the way people perceive Hip Hop Culture differs from how people perceived traditional Hip Hop Culture for example?

Well for some of us the concept of being influenced by other cultures does not resonate too much. I mean, for me, I’m an American citizen living in North America and I come from a culture that’s not really a culture. Hip hop is a culture, but some people have a different perspective because of where their upbringing, their upbringing, their upbringing, they grew up in. And we’ve evolved from our hip hop culture to our pop culture culture. To me, hip hop is just another culture to me, and I don’t see why my own culture has to change, why we have to take the things that were important for us in hip hop culture to some kind of cultural appropriation.

What do you think about the hip hop music you grew up listening to?

When I was young, there wasn’t any music or music radio, and I wasn’t listening to any music because I couldn’t afford it. So when I hear that music

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