Is hip hop a culture? – Where Did Belly Dancing Originated

What if we applied the answer to music? I’ll make my case for one major genre in hip hop, but if those people had listened to it, the “rap thing” had not only become synonymous with urban culture in the United States of America, but had acquired the same cultural cachet and legitimacy as rock and roll and country – a distinction that has made this art form a cultural force to be reckoned with.

When I first started writing this paper, I was struck by the notion that rap music had reached a critical mass in the formative years of the 1990s – an era in which many rappers from the Northeast were producing music that was both more “electrifying” (the word used to describe rap music in the early 2000s) than the music from other parts of the country (which was “sketchy” back then) and also more complex in terms of its rhyme structure. So, the comparison between rap and rock is not a mere coincidence, or an academic “explanation” of one genre from the other, but a clear indication that some elements of music culture are not easily defined, and there is a very significant gap between rappers and the rest.

Rapper music can be viewed as a genre – a genre that incorporates elements of music that have been produced by various different groups throughout the United States throughout the different eras in which rap music has been produced. This can, to a large degree, be viewed as the same as a genre in the sense that the specific elements that make any particular genre rap are the same elements that make rap music in general. For example, I find the rap of MC Hammer and other Bronx-born, Bronx-based writers to have a similar style to the style of writing that is found in a variety of hip hop groups from the area, as well as to have one thing in common with hip hop that is not found in all other styles. As mentioned above, the same is true for the writers of Eminem. Eminem has had a variety of influences from a number of genres throughout his career and has become so distinct in style that it has become difficult to discern his style in the rap field. This is the case for each individual rapper, with different influences and styles influencing and being influenced by each individual (see the discussion section above on this subject). Similarly, a variety of factors can impact any particular hip hop artist, such as the style and the context of the time that he is writing about, the time and place in which he is performing

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