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Let me hear one of these…

I just discovered a new way to build a home alarm system using my Tesla Model S S. The main idea is easy to grasp. I’ll show how to set that up, it’s safe and I hope it’s easy to follow.

The Tesla Model S S is a fantastic car, with a stunning interior, great performance and good value. It does everything a car should do — including being able to control an alarm system (a Tesla alarm system) from anywhere in the car, at any hour of the day or night.

The Tesla Model S comes pre-populated with a system for the Model S, but that’s not necessary. It’s a battery-powered, 3.7kWh DC-DC inverter unit that you drive and operate from your Model S.

The system is called, aptly enough, the Supercharger and it’s just like the ones that use DC or DC-DC converters to power a car, but this time the converters charge your battery.

That’s a nice touch. It’s very easy to program and is just one of many systems that you can install if you like, but for now the Supercharger’s main function is to get Model S drivers as far as 100 km/hr (62.5 mph) (with the supercharger off) from their regular home or the nearest business.

All of those settings you see on the Model S are in the Supercharger settings, so all you need to do is plug the Supercharger into the inverter, activate the supercharger, and then make a home or business call to your Tesla. Here’s a rundown of what it does.

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Set Up the Tesla Model S S

The Tesla Model S has a few different modes:

Standard (Standard Charge, 0–100 km/hr): This is standard mode. It sets you at the same speed as if you were driving in EV mode, and has a 50-km/hr (31-mph) power range, and a 60-km/hr (37-mph) range with a 100% charge cycle and 60% charge. It is safe, but the Model S uses much more of the internal battery, so I’d recommend leaving on this mode to save battery, especially if you drive a lot.

Supercharger (Supercharger Mode, 100–240 km/hr): This is the most advanced mode, it can get

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