What is hip hop dance style? – Bedlah

Hip hop dance style is a new style of dance used by rappers in which the dance has a distinct rhythmic element. The rhythmic element involves one or more hip hop moves in a bar that is played in a cadence.

How do I dance hip hop?

The steps you learn can be learned by using either an electronic or a paper chart. You can find the paper or electronic charts here.

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How do I dance a hip hop move or song?

A hip hop move is a style of dance you learn by following the step sequence.

How do I learn a hip hop dance style?

You can learn hip hop dance style while learning traditional dance from traditional dance books or watch YouTube videos. This site has a series of videos including tutorials, dance and music videos, hip hop dances and music dances lessons.

Why am I dancing a hip hop move or song when all my dancing is traditional ballet dancing?

When learning hip hop dance moves, your feet need to move at a certain speed and your body needs to be motionless in motion in order to learn them well. If your body is motionless in motion for extended periods of time, you are not learning the choreography and you will become motionless in motion again. If you are dancing a hip hop move or song while your feet are moving at a predetermined rate and you are still performing it correctly, you are doing it in a rhythm you already know and your feet will move at a rhythm that you already know.

Does hip hop dance style have a specific music pattern?

Yes it does! Hip hop dance styles contain a musical “style” which is also referred to as a “core” or “style” or a “move”.

Can hip hop music be hip hop dance?

Yes you can! Any type of music or genre of music can be used to learn how to dance a hip hop move. There will always be a certain musical element to hip hop dance moves, you will just have to understand that element to understand what is really going on.

Can I learn hip hop dance style while learning traditional ballet dancing?

Yes, you are still learning traditional ballet dancing but your feet are not moving at a predetermined rate and the way you should move your body makes the music more complex and the steps in the music more difficult to understand. For this reason dance style must be learned independently from traditional dance (even though the dance can be learned in traditional dance

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