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Hip hop dance style is based on dance dance, a fusion of traditional hip hop and dance. This fusion of hip hop and dance, called trap, has evolved throughout the years. Although it is largely associated with the electronic sound of hip hop, it can also be found in pop music, popular American and Australian rap, and in other dance styles, including hip hop, electro, and ballet dance. It has become widely known as a genre of musical expression that combines all of these styles and has become popular. Hip hop dance styles are categorized as:

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Hardstyle is a dance style in which the music is driven with a steady and aggressive tempo, but has a relatively soft or relaxed feel, and rarely features the vocals or harmonies, instead using rhythm to express the songs. It is a genre, and its music is primarily produced by members of the Japanese underground hip hop scene.

Ghetto Jazz

Ghetto jazz is a dance style, which uses a hard, danceable feel. Ghetto jazz is popular in the hip hop community, featuring some of its artists in major recording studios. The style is often associated with the sound of the Afro-American music community, particularly the hip hop culture.


Dubstep is an electronic genre that combines elements of EDM and house music. The dubstep style began to take off in 2009. The name ‘dubstep’ was coined by its creators, Steve Aoki and Benga, in response to the electronic music genre trance. This electronic music genre combines elements of both dance and electronic music.


Trance is a popular electro dance music style. The main genres for the style are trance music and house music.


Dub is an acronym for dub, dawg, groovy, groovy, drop, and groovy drop.

Hip hop dancers (AKA hip hop dance style )

The term ‘Hip hop dance style’ refers to an approach to dancing which combines a solid hip hop dance style with more experimental dance movements and other hip hop elements.

The hip hop hip hop dance style includes elements of the American and Australian hip hop cultures. It has many adherents and it has a long history in hip hop culture.

In the United States, there are many hip hop dance styles with which to choose for fun. There are more than 90 different variations of dance styles known as hip hop dance styles (DDS).

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