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Raks is a library for the Python language that uses standard libpython to build and run a command-line R interactive interpreter. The library is mostly focused on ease of use, but a basic knowledge of Python and common toolkits should be enough.


The latest Raks is available from PyPI, and is available with a full API (including the built-in Python extensions) and without an API. Note that the latter is not recommended, but there are still examples of use that are not yet fully optimized for production environments.

$ pip install raks

The easiest way to install Raks is with pip:

$ pip install raks

If you don’t have pip installed, and you don’t have a working environment that supports virtualenv, install manually using:

$ virtualenv –no-site-packages python3 $ pip3 install raks

To use the full-featured interactive interpreter, you can install it as usual using:

$ pip install raks –interactive


The API specification can be found in the rak/doc directory.

For a quick introduction to the library’s capabilities, check out the examples.


Raks is available as a fully featured Python installable that relies on the standard Python package management system libpython.

See the project home page, or the PyPI page for other options for installation using other package management systems.

The full source code of Raks is available under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.


If you are new to programming R, I strongly recommend trying out the RAK. To do so, download a copy of Raks (downloaded from PyPI), install RAK (for any version >= 2, make sure to set “–use-raks-dev” in config.yml ), and run:

$ cpath=c:\python27\pylib\raks

This will install Raks and enable you to start Raks. The first time, all functionality (as defined in the RAK documentation) will be disabled unless you first enable it through the option “–use-raks-dev” .

Raks has been designed to be simple to use. However, some features are more powerful than others and are well worth the development time.

For an example of how to implement the features described in the R

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