What is the dance called when you move your feet? – Belly Dancing Costumes For Kids

Why was it called a dance first?”

“I can’t say why it was called dance at that time, and I don’t understand the question either. It must have been the other way around. But it’s certainly not now. We don’t have such an absurd name for a dance as that, though.”

“What about the words ‘I’ and ‘me’? Why don’t they mean you and me?”

“They do mean us, as in ‘I have a friend who goes to school.’ But it’s a very peculiar spelling of ‘me’ and not quite so odd as the spellings of others, such as ‘you,’ ‘her,’ and ‘she.’ But still more puzzling still, in view of what I’ve just said, is that a dance should be called a dance. After all, we all dance. If it were a thing of mere ceremony, then why not just call it: ‘We all dance, and it’s a dance,’ that is, ‘We all get down and dance.’ But we don’t do that. Why should we? Why should we say ‘You and I dance,’ unless to say ‘You dance with us,’ that is, with any one of us? Why should it ever have been ‘We all dance,’ except as in ‘I have a friend and he goes to school!’ or ‘she goes to school’ or ‘her friend and she goes to school’? Why does ‘We have a friend’ have ‘I have a friend’ before it? What are we doing dancing with anyone? Why do we dance with anyone? We don’t do that very well. But there’s something else that’s very puzzling about the name dance. You and I and everybody else and everyone before us is a part of it, a part of it; but the dance is called a dance, and everyone is a part of it. Why should you not just call it a dance and leave us out? Because the term ‘dance’ means that some one person, or some other thing, happens to be sitting in the front of the dance, and he is dancing. He’s dancing. Everyone is dancing. He’s doing the work that we did, and now that nobody is doing the work, we are dancing. And that’s not a dance. It’s an exercise of free will.”

He was silent a little while. The question was more difficult to answer than I had imagined it to be. I felt that as you answered a question,

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