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A lot of people seem to think that it’s a bit different from the normal belly dance. Do you think that’s a useful observation?

People usually focus on dancing in front of people, which is a normal thing to do if you’re in a party, and people will start dancing. It’s easy to dance around if you’re going to an event, but if you’re not then it’s a bit more nerve-wracking. It’s more fun when people start dancing because then you’re doing something, they know it and there’s some banter and it’s a little bit of fun. But people don’t actually like to do the rest of the dance and dance around in the street like that. Everyone wants to see the dance.

So instead people do it in the crowd, the stage, whatever. That’s the most useful point we can look at, actually. Everyone’s pretty happy about the dance, but it’s just something to dance around and to have fun. We’re not talking about making money, we’re not talking about making yourself look cool.

That’s the thing I do want to emphasise at the end of the interview, is that this isn’t about making money or anything like that, this is fun to be part of and we like to party and do other things. Everyone gets a chance to do it.

Lily 2020 | The Austin Belly Dance Convention
How do you make money from the dance that you’re performing? I assume it’s very expensive, as it is for everyone else, as it is for dancers around the world.

The money is a combination of the promoter commission from the club as well as a performance fee as well. There’s all of these factors you want to factor in as well that helps me make money. To really try to be a positive influence in the community, for example, it takes a lot of money to bring a lot of people into the party. It takes a lot of time. But as long as you make money and you’re going to keep putting on festivals as much as I do, there’s nothing that can stop us from doing it. If you’re going on a festival, and you’re going to be doing well, then you can say “Ok, well I can do this event, if I earn a bit from that, then I can afford to keep going”.

As a student, I’m always learning, I always want to find new ways to keep improving. People seem to always keep doing their own thing anyway. So if they want to

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