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I would refer you to that one movie which was a little bit like this. It was called, “The Birth of Rock and Roll” and all these kids were playing bass and all this other shit that was the foundation of rock and roll, so it’s interesting to see how it came into being. I can think of a lot of reasons why a music video was made. But the one thing I’m sure of is that it was a very intentional statement. So many people that make music now, whether you’re a rapper, an actor, a musician, or whatever, if they’ve ever gotten into the business then they know what the goal is and, in a lot of cases, they didn’t come into the industry just to make money, they got their start because of what they saw as an art form, and that’s what I tried to do in this movie.

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As you were making “A Song For You.” It’s a very conscious and direct statement that you want people to see. It’s a statement from you to anyone that is trying to create something new, that is doing something new and that doesn’t necessarily have to be commercial. That was something that was very important to me in terms of me trying not to go into that business and be commercial in any way at all. I try not to think about my career. I’m not a guy that’s thinking about making the next big thing, I’m a dude who wants to help other people. So I just like to keep focusing on what I think is great about hip hop. So I think what was interesting about the whole movie is I had a very clear message for people to look at. That is, hip-hop is not about being a business and creating a music video. So that’s kind of important to me, because music videos have always been a product and we have to understand that and have a relationship with music that is more than just having a song and an artist and playing a set. It’s a collaborative thing, where everybody has to be involved in how it’s done. That makes music videos a much different thing than, “let’s have a band play this video.” It doesn’t matter if it’s BeyoncĂ© or Eminem, or whoever’s playing and it’s the same video, we all have to be involved in how it’s done. So that was very important to me in terms of my point of view.

I think sometimes we get kind of confused about what the different artists are trying to do.

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