Who created hip hop? – Belly Dancing Hip Scarf Bulk

It was the African American boys making beats.

K-os: They created the sounds that we listened to.

Wanna Know A Secret: Were you influenced by anyone else? What did you listen to.

K-os: Not really that far back. But some of the early pioneers did have other influences. That’s when I first started looking into hip hop. It’s been in my ear for quite a while. But the guys from Cappadonna—a band from Detroit—are my main influences, and probably for the first few years, I wasn’t listening to HipHopDX. I mean, I did. I listened to some things. But it was the Detroit guys. When I first started I really dug a little bit. I wasn’t listening to anything else. Then it got to the point where I was like, “I don’t know anything more about this music!”

Wanna Know A Secret: When did you get on [the] East Coast? I mean, what do you listen to?

K-os: So much.

Wanna Know A Secret: Do you listen to a lot of stuff in person?

K-os: I listen a little bit. Yes. And then with the new album, I got an iPod. [laughs] But the songs are good on there. They work great, man. You can’t compare a song to a song.

Wanna Know A Secret: Do you listen to a lot of music?

K-os: I do. Sometimes with The Shins we’ll come up—we’ll come up in the audience and we’re into a couple songs off of them. Some of them, some of them aren’t so cool and I don’t really want to listen to them. They might get a reaction from those people. But for the most part, I listen for the music. I like listening to music, too.

Wanna Know A Secret: So did you get into the business when you were in elementary school?

K-os: Oh, yeah.

Wanna Know A Secret: When did you start writing?

K-os: At like three.

Wanna Know A Secret: I never knew you wrote.

K-os: Oh, no. I didn’t start writing until like eighth grade. I really didn’t.

Wanna Know A Secret: And you were writing in a notebook.

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