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How about “disco ball” instead of “sugar?” How about “nookie” instead of “naked”?

Yes, we have had other songs like “Who Made America?” (yes, that is still a thing) or “Jailhouse Rock,” and yes, a lot of my old friends who were on MTV, like the guys from the NME and so forth, have done songs like “Shoot The Boi” and “What Makes You Beautiful.” But no song has inspired the culture’s collective imagination, or made us as passionate about it as “The Best Day.” “How could anyone make this? It has to be the same old, same old.”

The band didn’t write it. The band didn’t create the song. But now, with the Internet now in its third year, some songs are finding new homes on YouTube and others have made their way to Spotify.
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“The Best Day” is a song that isn’t a remix, a mashup, something you put on when your band is doing a “fansigner” for a live show. The song is a song, created by a band that has always felt that there was no one more special than itself. And what better way that is true than in a rock song that is being made up of other songs and a few of its own?

Here are a few ways the song has come to define its time in the world:

1) This album was first, in a way, a celebration

In the early ’80s, when rock began to shift toward glam and indie-rock, when “loud” became a word, and music critics started noticing bands like The Clash playing in large, intimate venues with a live crowd that would have made the band jealous, The Beatles had never been bigger, even though they only performed the same three albums they’d made over a decade earlier. Their success didn’t translate to the American marketplace, where sales weren’t what they once were, and it was the late ’60s and ’70s when mainstream radio began to take note of The Beatles, and their success was soon recognized across America. They became rock stars.

The success of The Beatles also means that “The Best Day” is the perfect rock number for your local festival or concert. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen this song performed live, or played it in a jam session at your home, because it fits into every kind of setting that rock

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