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How does one go from a person who doesn’t like to dance at all to one who is a professional? Can someone, even by accident, become a professional at anything?

Breakdancing, in its modern application, actually came into being at the beginning of the 20th century. One man from Brooklyn found himself in a box and asked himself the following question: What if all of the information on a person wasn’t the result of his or her own experience? When asked to go home, some would go back to the box and not touch any of it anymore.

One of the many uses of breakdancing was to entertain soldiers, who were often deployed in hot or muddy countries whose inhabitants preferred silence to music.

During World War I, German troops would use radio to make themselves heard in the dark. German soldiers would break out into dance to lull their enemies and give them courage, and, in turn, allow them to escape their trench-filled trenches. There’s some real-life history here that you can find online, if you search for “German radio” at the Internet Archive, which you can also find right here!

The German military would often have music played on these radio sets so their troops could rest easy at night, as soldiers often had to take up to 24 hours off work in the middle of war, as if the music wasn’t stopping.
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In 1916, two German soldiers were injured in battles, one seriously injured in a trench, and the other in a mine explosion. They could not recover from their injuries and they were forced to quit their job in order to get better, and they turned to the music that the German military used to comfort and calm them.

In 1916, Germany was a country devastated by internal turmoil in a world war, as German soldiers were ordered to fight for their country as well as their own interests. The music was chosen to do this, as it would help the soldiers sleep, and, as the Germans would be forced to abandon their tanks and guns, to make sure that they would not be the objects of hostility from neighbors, other soldiers, or the enemy…

The German army went to great extents to create music for its soldiers. They commissioned music to be played out loud by soldiers to drown out the noise of the battlefield, and also to help calm their nerves. They had their songs recorded and played on the radio and also used some to comfort wounded soldiers.

In addition, German leaders listened to the radio,

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