Why does Shakira belly dance? – How To Belly Dance For Beginners Step By Step Kids

“We did it out of love and gratitude towards our country.” She explained, as a smile formed on her face as she sang the lyrics. “I have made over 200 records worldwide and I thought I had it all planned out. It is a gift of being a Jamaican. Now, the biggest compliment I get is from people who say ‘you are the luckiest girl in the world in my eyes. Your music is amazing’. I want to be the luckiest girl in the world in your eyes. I have no ambition to be a pop star, I am a country singer and a star. For me, country music is a lifestyle.”

The first thing that struck me about her story was the amazing amount of success she has achieved at such young age. As she was singing the theme song to the new show, Mango Island, I thought she was about to start her career. She then continued on, and revealed some interesting info about her career. She revealed that her first single was released in 1994, and it had such a huge success she made it an entire album. She went on to say that being a country singer required so much work and dedication that her life consisted of many trips abroad every summer. She said that her dad played all the instruments, while her mother played them to her in the house.

“My father used to work on weekends, doing odd jobs on local farms.” She told me. “But when she was 9 or 10 years old, my mom told her that she needed to leave home. That’s how her mom would help with sewing clothes and make her her first outfit.”

She said that she was in that world by then, and grew up at her friend’s house, after which her stepfather gave her to a sister of his. She got to know her stepfather through a musical school and he asked her to come back. She said that her new family took her back and then she left with them. As she told me this, the words of an old man came back to her mind and she looked at me as if trying to find the words to express her emotions.

“The only thing I loved about America was that even though we are all different people, there is no difference in how we treat people. Our job is to love everyone.” She concluded. As she went on, I felt like I was getting to know a person whose heart is much bigger than anything else. She had that love that is never forgotten and never left.

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