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We recommend SketchUp’s PDF support (see for more information).

How do I make edits to my PDF file?

If you are new to PDF making in SketchUp, we recommend opening your PDF document in the SketchUp web interface to see what you can edit and save as a PDF:

Right click and copy the file name “pdf.pdf” on your desktop (not in your Documents folder), open the Copy icon ( ) in SketchUp, and copy all sections of the file from the icon down to the Clipboard. Right click the Copy icon on your desktop (not in your Documents folder), and Select “Save a copy of this file” or “Save as…”. Save the new file name as “PDF.pdf” or “PDF_Original.pdf” to your favorite folder on your computer, and open it to update them.

You can also click “Edit”, and then select the PDF file as a destination in the Edit menu.

How will I be notified through the Edit menu if I change the document?

When your PDF file edits are saved or updated, you will be updated in the Edit menu under “Manage PDF files.”

Do I need to sign up for a free account to use this feature?

No, you may just browse the documents of any of the supported companies using the SketchUp web interface, and you will be able to get and do everything the same way any other SketchUp user would. You do not need to be registered for an Account to use the feature.

Will Adobe’s WebServices support help me to keep my content in PDF files?

Yes. Adobe’s Web Services have built-in support for reading/writing Adobe PDF files at your convenience.

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