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This cat has a black face, and it really seems like it’s one of a kind! I’m hoping to find one of these cats, and bring them to Australia!

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Racine’s City Council has set aside a $1.5 million budget shortfall for the next year, while also increasing funding for youth jobs programs that are part of the city’s job creation strategy.

Those initiatives come just hours after Rauner unveiled his budget proposal for the upcoming General Assembly session, and after Rauner said he will not seek a veto over the budget language adopted by council members on Thursday.

“I can’t get it off my chest,” said City Administrator Paul Jablonski, pointing out that he has been asked numerous times why city staff did not take a more aggressive approach following Rauner’s announcement about a budget veto.

But the City Council on Thursday made several changes and increases to the city’s general revenues.

In addition to expanding the scope of the city’s Youth Opportunity Fund from $4 million to close to $8 million, the council is also increasing the funding for the Youth Opportunity program — as part of Rauner’s job creation plan, which also includes additional funding in his 2018 state budget.

The budget now includes $3 million to the Youth Opportunity Program (YES) and $8.6 million for the $100 million Youth Job Training Program — meaning the funding for Youth Opportunity is the largest funding increase of any general expense.

City Treasurer Jim Ralston said the increased funding for the Job Training Program is specifically for positions that provide job opportunities for youths over the age of 25. As those positions grow, the council is expanding the number of jobs that the program can serve.

“(The Youth Opportunity Fund) has been targeted to provide youth with job opportunities that can be transitioned to life after school,” Ralston said.

As part of its budget agreement, council also passed a bill authorizing an extension for the county’s tax rate that expired Sept. 17. And the council voted to ask an outside agency, the state Department of Revenue, to begin working with Rauner’s Office of Fiscal Responsibility to study potential tax revenues related to the upcoming

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