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Like the one I drew here? The second book you have here? No clue. A book about drawing, right? And then a book with the rest of the “comics” I draw in it? I’d really like to get it together to try and get this page up next Saturday for Saturday’s comic. I only have 2 hours to work on it so don’t expect much.

We have been testing Android M to make sure we had the highest levels of security, including data security, encryption and privacy. We have also been running a variety of tests in the background to see if the features of Android M will deliver on the performance, security and privacy promises. We’re excited to announce that we have validated the new Android M features in three separate and varied security tests running in multiple environments at different speeds and conditions.
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The first test, run in a lab and covering some 5 minutes, involved us analyzing Google’s app testing tool, App Test Explorer. This is run against an Android M device, while also being able to run against a stock Android version or a development version. While we understand that different people will use different testing scenarios, we’re excited to see how secure and privacy-preserving the new features are.

In this test we evaluated the security of the Android M device and the security on top of Android M’s security infrastructure. In addition to a full suite of security testing tools and infrastructure, Android M has also gained the ability to manage user information. Additionally, the new operating system supports the concept of user rights, while retaining the basic controls that users currently get in Android.

The final part of this test is the one we found most interesting: the ability to manage a device, even if it is rooted or not rooted. For this test we used our own app, a command line “tricksy” app called DeviceManager, so that we could see the changes in user settings from a root user. As

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