How do you draw a car for kids? – How To Draw A Lamborghini

Titmouse, I drew the car for the kids as a joke, maybe something to do with a car?

Well, no. Not really. It’s meant to convey a bit of humor, but it’s no more than a car. It’s meant to be kind of silly. It’s supposed to be something that is funny, but it’s a little bit tongue-in-cheek about the car and the way I draw it.

Why did you choose to do the whole “Titmouse” thing?

Maybe this is just a joke, but the first time I ever painted a car on anything I saw was for the Children’s Museum in New York. And they had a display for the exhibit and it was a lot more of a cartoonish type of thing. I thought it was a really well done display. And so I decided to paint a car just for that. I didn’t have any idea. But it didn’t really occur to me that it would end up being a joke on the side of a highway. I started the project in early February and it was done just recently. It’s not really supposed to be funny, but, you know, it’s certainly funny, isn’t it?

I’ve just got to ask about that car again because people have seen it around the Internet. Is the car original and in the museum collection?

It is original and in the museum collection. That was the only thing that had a car paint, and it’s in our museum.

Is it a Volkswagen?

No it’s not a Volkswagen.

Well, you’ve got some of the characters on the cover…

[laughing] No. They’re all new. The ones on the cover are not new characters. They were a character idea that came along.

Why not start with the original “Titmouse”?

It’s a little bit too original. The way I make the character work is by using a lot of different kind of things and there could be multiple versions of the character. And the reason I didn’t do the classic [Titmouse] is because, you know, it’s a silly cartoon, so it’s just too difficult to do that. But you know, I’m always looking for a way to have a little bit of fun with my characters, and hopefully people are going to love that car, at least a little bit.

Now, I wanted to talk about “T

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