How do you draw a car from the front? – Easy To Draw Cars From Birds Eye View

There have been so many cases of cars being ripped off the back of a street in the last few years… what is causing the problem? How do you find any cars without a rear facing camera?

I’ll admit I didn’t get to watch enough of your videos but I can share this with you. I’m not going to say that the rear facing camera causes street issues for everybody but the average person would take the right way. As for rear-facing video cameras, I can’t say I’ve ever seen them being pulled over by the police. But we do know that police need to be aware of where they are at all times. If we saw a police cruiser on the other side of the street with its back turned to the road, would they be surprised with the sight of two cameras that could clearly see it? Of course not, but if you are driving in a car behind them and they happen to be on front camera, you might get a ticket for it. In a car that moves, in front-facing or otherwise, and is travelling at about 20-30 miles per hour, that could be more than a ticket – depending on the state and the speed the car was moving at.

And what kind of insurance do you insure your car with? I don’t have any idea if you have any. Do you have any insurance?

Yes, we do, but I’m sorry I’m going to have to lie on the next question.

Do you have any insurance?

I don’t need insurance.

I hear there are people like you who have insurance but who are just being selfish and don’t care how others feel on the outside. I know that sometimes it’s nice not to have to deal with a lot of negative feelings and that it means you have more fun to be with your friends and family but there are some days where you just can’t find it in you to care at all or to put up with having people think your the worst of them to even be a part of a crowd of strangers. I would argue that maybe there is an element of selfishness that comes into a lot of these situations and that’s why people do stupid stupid things… when you are the majority of the people who are in the crowd, then you are the majority of the people who are the target… then someone tells you something that you don’t like?… when is there a time when you would be willing to step up and call out these idiots that are causing problems?…

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