How do you draw a car from the front? – How To Learn Automotive Design

“There are many techniques, from the traditional traditional Chinese drawing, where all the pieces are drawn from the front, and there’s a lot of time spent trying to get them right. And then you draw the entire wheel that’s going to fit on. In Japan, they used a little bit of a different idea though, and that’s to draw the outer circle of the wheel. So in Japan it’s called kokusai-shima, and with the traditional drawing they also used to make two curves on the wheel, in the middle, one curve goes from the circle going to the wheel that’s going straight, and then one curve goes right to the wheel.”

You draw the whole thing from the front, how do you find the place where you want the driver to look?

“Well, in Japan we’ve had this idea of the driver looking down from the window onto the road, and that’s actually sort of the best idea, because if you look at the road a little bit it gives you some interesting perspectives. And so we’ve been trying to understand that idea and apply it to the actual drawing.”

One of the problems with Japan is that I’m not sure how to explain how to actually draw the driver in all of the different directions the car is in the world, like where is the right place to look to look into, as well as where are you really looking on track? You’ve got a lot of different views, but to try and make something that sort of translates easily to everyone is probably the hardest thing and is not the most creative thing. But if you take those things out of your head and just put the driver back in his box, that’s when you find those good ideas or good opportunities.

I suppose if you took a Japanese driver and they took their driver into a car shop, or they had these drawings of the driver, would you do them?

“Well, I’m sure we’d let them do that, because it’s not like we’re going to let our driver into a car shop to do this sort of thing. It’s almost like we have an ‘I need something you want me to do’ kind of policy, or something like that, in Japan. We say you do this, and you take this car and I’ll take that car. Well, it’s much much easier to just take an engineer and say ‘go figure it out,’ and if we’ve worked out how to do it in a new market then

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