How do you draw a cat face? – Learn Car Designing

Well, let’s start with a cat. Look at its mouth and its jaw. What’s in there, you have to do a bit of drawing, you have to do a bit of modelling, but let’s just start with the mouth, and what’s in its jaw and then you’ll move into what’s in its jaw, and then the rest will follow.

There’s a line there that is very important – the line that is the same every time you draw the same face, or each time you draw a different face, what’s going to be the line that you draw?

A line between the eyes, and the nose.

A line between the ears.

A line and the edge of the hair, so that’s the base of the face we want to draw. And with that, let’s say that we drew a cat for instance, I can just show you what the base line of the cat face is, it’s the line between the eyes, and the nose.

Now if we look at a cat, there are a lot of other things, what is that line? Well, it’s the length of the tail.

Because a cat tail is quite short, the length of the line between the eyes and the nose is a long way. The length of the hair on its head is quite short. That’s the length of a line where you can’t really draw any line at all between the eyes, nose, and mouth unless you draw some really close to a line, and it’s a line that you start out with, unless you start out just drawing it with your fingers.

So all those are the base lines of the cat face we want to draw.

And the final thing – the final thing we’d like to draw is the teeth, you have to start doing that as soon as you can, so that’s what he’s doing.

It’s not easy, because teeth have such a complicated appearance. You look at a cat and you’ll see its tooth-bearing parts, there’s going to be a part where its teeth have broken off, there’s going to be a part where you have it chomping on something or there’s going to be a piece of flesh and skin sticking out. And you can’t really draw those things.

There’s also the possibility of the mouth opening wider, because if it does, then you need the cheek bones as well because the mouth is open and the cheek bones

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