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This is something that I wanted to address.” (Seth)

He said “You have to draw your cow, otherwise you will fall short.” (Loki)

When asked about the design of Asgard’s shield and the design of the Asgard ship there’s an image that was shown on the show. This image had the shield be shaped like a human being to give a sense of the weight of the shield and that it’s like a big stone. There’s something that he said is not in the final show that I think we need to know more about. As for the design of Asgard’s ship and how the whole movie will fit together. How it fits together with other movie concepts is something that he is more excited about.” (Seth)

I asked about the movie itself and how it will fit in continuity. This is something that Seth doesn’t want to reveal and it’s something that Seth was reluctant to talk about. I didn’t expect Seth to have more answers than what he did share, but maybe this is the final time we’ll get any. His comments are definitely the most important that he has to share so let’s go forward. Here are my questions for Seth:

1) Can you talk about the designs of your Asgardians and how they will fit with the movie’s overall storyline? (Loki)

2) When we think back to Thor and Loki’s relationship with the Asgardians, I’m thinking a lot about how they have the same design language of how we would envision a man and a woman to look. Is this a design motif? Is there a similarity in Thor being from another universe or world? Or was this done by Thor and Loki for the sake of it?

3) When Asgardians speak, what is their speech rhythm like? I think they speak faster than humans. It seems like the speech they give is very smooth and easy to listen to. Can be assumed that they’re in awe of what they are doing because they don’t necessarily say how they “feel” about it.

4) If they are speaking in their Asgardian culture, is there a specific word for that word or phrase or what are the phrases used in Asgardian culture? This may or may not tie in to what we see in the movie.
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Seth talks more! Here’s a few more pics and videos of the guys!

Huge thanks to Seth for taking the time to answer my questions. Enjoy!

Seth – What

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