How do you draw a crocodile? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Origami Animals

Well, the first thing you’ve gotta understand about crocodiles is that they have what appears to be the largest head that we’ve ever seen [on a species]. We would have trouble fitting a human head in there. But they have a skull that grows almost like a tree trunk, and it’s got all the little bits and pieces that we can draw from.

You have your hands there, if you like.

Correct, exactly. We’ve done a lot of drawing from the crocodile. Like the mouth, for example, so we can see how the teeth do work, and the way the mouth and jaw work from the front, as well as the mouth on the top.

But you don’t have fingers on your hands.

No, I don’t. We have to draw it from the neck down through the back. We have to use the neck as a reference point. In terms of drawing the head, the main thing is to get the head. If you have to draw around the back, you don’t have an obvious reference point.

Do you draw your own limbs on the drawing? For example, on the left, the left arm.

Yes. It’s all done after the crocodile has been photographed. We have to draw the arm from the back, and it’s easy at that point because the eye-socket is just to the left of the elbow joint. That’s all there is to the arm. If you had to think too hard about it, you may have your hair on top, and your hair underneath, and it’s very awkward.

How about the limbs?

Yes. If you’re drawing the back half of a limb, you’ve got everything in place, as a reference point. You can put the hands, arms and knees there, for example, and then draw a little bit of everything else under them. Then we have to keep in mind that people’s legs are kind of a little thicker than those of crocs and that doesn’t exactly work. We must do our best to put everything in place and get the arms at a good height.
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So you drew yourself on a computer?

Yes, on my mobile phone.

What do you mean by mobile phone?

My phone is my mouse. So I use it a lot when I’m drawing animals. I use it when I’m thinking about how the arms and legs work. I’ve got a big mouse cursor. I’m

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